SUKHVIR FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to programs which provide free medical care to the poor and needy people in India. These programs are supported by the SUKHVIR FOUNDATION, a charitable foundation established by Mr. SUKHVIR SINGH RATHEE and DR AMIT RATHEE. Through their leadership, the RATHEE HOSPITAL provides free surgical and medical treatment at week-long camps in select rural areas and also in Rathee hospital who are poor and need financial support for their medical treatment. Details of patients (disease, hospital stay etc) who are supported by SUKHVIR FOUNDATION will be available online. Those who donate will get details of patient and if they want they can meet them in person and help them as per their need.

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Make a one-time donation or give monthly.By Supporting Medical Relief for India you help increase the quality of life for those unable to afford medical treatment.


Mission of our Doctors and Hospital

.Our mission is to provide a better reach to our patients by providing quality health care at a reasonable price.
.We presume to emerge as a benchmark in providing quality health care available to every individual in need.
.We want our hospital to be the center of excellence and among the best hospital in Delhi in terms of medical research and academics.
.Our mission is to make sure that none of our doctor or patients feel bounded under the norms of hospital and should happily maintain the environment of trust, mutual understanding, etc.
.We make sure that the physicians working with our associations should provide equality to their co-staff and should follow the ethics of the doctor which they took during ' Hippocratic oath'.

Patients Care by Experienced Physician in RATHEE Hospital

RATHEE Hospital has general Physician in Rohini who are highly experienced and have years of experience in their respective specialties. The physicians are available throughout to look after the OPD (Out Patient Department), who is brought during the absences of senior doctor and provide other allied services.RATHEE Hospital makes sure that every patient receives proper care and guidance which are provided to IPD (Inpatient care).




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